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Thom Rotella

In session with Ken Wild & Jimmy Branly.

Mitch Holder

In session with Eddie Arkin & Abraham Laboriel Snr.

Larry Koonse

In session with Darek Oles

Mica Paris

In session with Chris Standring

Rick Braun

performs live in session with Chris Standring

Peter White

performs live in session with Chris Standring and Roberto Vally

Mike Miller

performs live in session with Jerry watts and Mike Shapiro

Laurence Juber

performs solo

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The Inside Track with Chris Standring is a web TV show and is part of The Inside Track membership subscription program. Every episode features a revered and highly established special guest in the music world, with a slant toward jazz improvisation. The show partly adopts a 'reality TV' flavor, where real life conversations can be heard, along with recording studio quality live performances, and in depth interviews, all caught on high def videotape.

The Inside Track membership is so much more however. Are you a jazz guitar student? Then join the Inside Track membership program and get high quality play along tracks, video performances, transcriptions, lessons, meeting room, and access to all Chris Standring's highly acclaimed guitar instructional programs, all in one place. Watch the latest episode here. Learn more about the Inside Track membership program here.

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